Join our Meetup "Please join us as we modernize our methods and make it easier for local progressives and Democrats to meet, socialize, and share our values." Go to

OCTOBER WBLDEMS MEETING. OCTOBER 26, 2016. NOTE: CHANGE OF DATE. Guest Speakers -Mike Whitty: "What we can do for the upcoming election." Marie Dinnigan: "The Mass Transit Proposal" (Vote Yes). refreshments 6:45. meeting begins at 7:00. More info at Meetings

A candidate forum for Oakland County Executive will be held at the Birmingham Temple on Thursday October 27th, at 7:30. Brooke's Patterson was invited, but declined our invitation. Vicki Barnett will be presenting her progressive vision for Oakland County in the twenty-first century. After her talk she will entertain questions from the audience.

Michigan Democratic Party Women's Caucus 2016 Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Oakland County Rally Dr. Pamela Pugh, Caucus Chair All are invited to join us and rally in support of Statewide and Local Candidates Saturday, October 29, 2016 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Detroit Plumbers Union Local 98 555 Horace Brown Drive Madison Heights, Michigan

Tuesday weekly Precinct Delegate Call. November 1, 2016. To participate all you have to do is call-in into our Call-in Number: (712) 775-7031 and use the Meeting ID Code 936-058-397# PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING. The Agenda will include questions and needs that you have as Activists and Precinct Delegates for us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016. 2016 Presidential Election - 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

The West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club is on FACEBOOK.. Join Us!



    Michael Stack - 39th District, Michigan House of Representatives
    Nicole Bedi - 40th District, Michigan House of Representatives
    Dr. Anil Kumar - US Congress 11th District
    Brenda Lawrence - US Congress 14th District
    Non-partisan, Judicial races:
    Frank Szymanksi for Michigan Supreme Court, 8yr Term
    Deborah Thomas for Michigan Supreme Court, Incumbent Position Partial Term
    Lorie Savin for Judge Circuit Court, 6thCircuit - Non-Incumbent Position
    Jennifer Callaghan for Oakland County Probate Court Judge - Non-Incumbent
    The other Judges are running unopposed
    County Offices:
    a. Executive: Vicki Barnett
    b. Treasurer: Andy Meisner
    c. Clerk: Lisa Brown
    d. Prosecutor: Jessica Cooper
    e. Sheriff: Craig Covey
    f. Water Commissioner: Jim Nash
    h. Commissioner (13th District): Marsha Gershenson
    Board of Trustees Oakland County Community College:
    Emily Mixter, Max Milstein, Pam Jackson
    West Bloomfield Trustee:
    Howard Rosenberg, Diane Rosenfeld Swimmer, Jonathan Warshay
    West Bloomfield Park Commissioner: Merv Aronoff, Sally Wenczel, Robert Brooks
    Township Library Board Vote For six: (Exclude Carol Foster)
    Karen Eikemeyer, Judith A. Holtz, Carol A. Kravetz, Ken Macon, Thomas Meyer, Wendy Bidgood Osthaus

Years ago, I heard a young reporter ask an old editorial writer what the difference was between Republicans and Democrats. The old guy said, "Democrats love big government, preferably controlled by and run from Washington. Republicans are in favor of smaller, less intrusive government, and local control," he said, and then paused. "Except, that is, when they're not." The young reporter asked when that was. "Whenever local government does something they don't want it to do," the old cynic said. See article by Jack Lessenberry

Michigan Coordinated Campaign West Bloomfield Office. Volunteers needed: Nightly phone banking (5:00-9:00), as many volunteers as possible Location: 7439 Middlebelt Rd., W. Bloomfield, Mi. 48322, N.E. corner Field Organizer John Pavik, (313) 400-5494;; representing Farmington, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield Open door policy at office; volunteers always welcome and needed; 2 hour shifts. We represent Hillary and all down ticket Democrats.


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Ironic that Trump still running WITH SUPPORT NO LESS. Trump should be suspended from the human race. Jeanne Korsch

WHAT WAS THE OCDP THINKING IN ENDORSING VICTORIA VALENTINE? The Free Press endorsed LORIE SAVIN for Oakland County Circuit Court!!! "Savin, 46, of West Bloomfield has spent more than 13 years as a referee in the family court division she seeks to join. She regularly conducts hearings involving the same issues that come before family court judges, and enjoys a reputation as a fair and hardworking mediator in difficult cases. A native of Royal Oak, she spent her early career representing indigent clients in Missouri and Kansas. Her specialized experience makes LORIE SAVIN the superior voice for this circuit court seat." Linda Samelson

Michael Stack is endorsed by the Free Press. This is great news as Michael battles against the DeVos behemoth. Reported in the Free Press yesterday that Klint Kesto, R-39, has raised $176,310 from: DeVos family: $9,000; Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Assoociation PAC $3,500; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC: $2,600. Please do all you can to support Mike, a progressive candidate who will work for "we the people" and not corporations. Linda Samelson

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We welcome all citizens of this area to come to our club meetings.

Wednesday October 26, 2016

Royal Oak Coordinated Campaign Office Voter Registration Launch with Gloria Steinem 10 8 16

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