Other states are saying no to radioactive waste, but Michigan is saying yes - with more than 36 tons of waste from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, scheduled to hit landfills here by the end of last week, according to a Detroit Free Press investigation. We still don't know the full extent of the chemicals used in the fracking process, or the long-term impacts of those chemicals on our water supply and the soil where we grow our food. Sign our petition calling on the governor to reject the radioactive waste. Michigan Senate Democrats

Prop 1 yes (paid for by big corporations.....this might be challenged in the courts) Big win for Snyder.
Marajuana yes !!!
Brenda Lawrence 36%, Rudy Hobbs 32%,Hansen Clark 31% (14th District)
Library Millage yes in Detroit!!!
Smart Bus yes in all 3 counties!!!!
John Conyers!
Debbie Dingell!
Warren Evans!
Bobbie McKensie 34% Anil Kumar 32%, Nancy Skinner 27% (11th District)
Vincent Gregory 35%, Vicki Barnett 34%, Ellen Cogen Lipton 31%
Cyndi Peltonen 55%, Ryan Fishman 45%
Tony Trupiano lost 28% to Frank Liberati 56% (Tony is a friend so this is a big disappointment)
Virgil Smith 52%, Rashida Tlalb 41%
Robert Wittenberg 44%!
Sandy Colvin won with 86% of the vote
For complete elections results in Oakland County go to

Voter Guide Questionnaire Responses of Mary Belden - Candidate for State House 40th District. Read them at

The Detroit Free Press has published the results of an alarming in-depth investigation of Michigan charter schools and their use of state money. The news is disturbing. Charter schools spend $1 billion a year in state money with little transparency, oversight, or accountability. In fact, the Free Press' reports found that there are "a record number of charter schools run by for-profit companies that rake in taxpayer money and refuse to detail how they spend it, saying they're private and not subject to disclosure laws.". The Michigan Senate Democrats introduced Senate Joint Resolution R last year, a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the operation of any public school in Michigan on a for-profit basis. It's a move many other states have taken to protect our tax dollars and ensure the focus in our schools is always on educating our kids, not maximizing corporate profits. Unfortunately, this legislation has gone nowhere under the Republican Majority. Sign our petition at today to ban for-profit corporations from running our schools in Michigan

Will Anyone Stop Charter School Corruption? When politicians and pundits take to the barricades to defend "wonderful charter schools", is this what they're thinking of? A recent article in a Minnesota newspaper reported about a change in state law. Read it at

The West Bloomfield/Lakes Area Democratic Club is now on FACEBOOK.. Join Us!



I just added my name to a petition to Kroger stores calling on them to issue a policy against people openly carrying guns in their stores. I think you should sign too at:  kroger-petition. Linda

The newly opened Coordinated Campaign office in Farmington Hills is located at 29936 Orchard Lake Rd. just north of 13 Mile Rd. This is a convenient location for volunteers in our area. Thanks, Jill Farber-Bramson

Thank You from Tony Trupiano. Two simple words hardly seem to capture the gratitude I feel after a long fought campaign and the amazing support and guidance I received from so many of you as we worked through the end of winter, spring and summer, but alas, in spite of our collective efforts we came up short on Election Day. Although we have to accept the result of the vote; that does not mean we have accept that we lost, because nothing is further from the truth. Our campaign raised issues and engaged people like few campaigns have. Our use of traditional campaign methods, combined with an aggressive social media outreach and networking with voters all over the 13th District was a positive step forward. It also became clear to me that the gerrymandering of this District by the Republicans has left many of the communities in the 13th without Democratic leadership. In Southgate, as an example, they no longer have a Democratic Club. That needs to change. I plan to stay VERY active in the 13th District and plan to run again in 2016.

More thoughts and opionions are on [Feedback]


Democratic Party State Convention - This year's convention will be held August 23 and 24 inside the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing. At convention, we will be nominating our Democratic statewide candidates, as well as officially adopting our 2014 platform and resolutions.

Oakland County Democratic Party Executive Committee Meeting. Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Oakland County Democratic Party HQ, 24445 Northwestern Hwy (Lodge service drive near 10 Mile), Southfield 48075. Call Democrats to update contact info. For details contact Carla Meier: 248-689-1815


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We welcome all citizens of this area to come to our club meetings.

CLUB MEETING Wednesday Sept 17

JuLY 27, 2014

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