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WBLDEMS MEETING. September 16, 2015. Rich Robinson of the nonpartisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network will discuss what is known and what is unknown about state and federal election campaigns, and discuss what that means for the future of democracy in our state and nation. At the Corners, Room 105, 2075 Walnut Lake Road, refreshments 6:45, meeting 7- 8:30 pm. All are welcome. More info at Meetings

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The Latest Failure of the American Jewish Establishment. Older American Jews are closely split on the Iran nuclear agreement. Younger American Jews are not; they support it overwhelmingly. If the specter of another Holocaust is one narrative underlying the American Jewish establishment's opposition to the Iran deal, uncritical support for the Israeli government is another. Most younger American Jews reject that: "They see supporting the state of Israel as obligatory only insofar as the state acts in accordance with highest principles of democracy, tolerance, human rights, and Jewish ethical values as they understand them." And most younger American Jews don't think this Israeli government embodies those principles. See

Democratic National Committee Announces Six Primary Debates.
October 13 - CNN - Nevada
November 14 - CBS/KCCI/Des Moines Register - Des Moines, IA
December 19 - ABC/WMUR - Manchester, NH
January 17 - NBC/Congressional Black Caucus Institute - Charleston, SC
February or March - Univision/Washington Post - Miami, FL
February or March - PBS - Wisconsin

Top Cancer Doctors Call for Lower Drug Costs. A group of cancer doctors are joining grassroots organizers and politicians in pleading with pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of cancer treatments. In an editorial that ran Thursday in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal, 118 cancer experts produced a series of recommendations they say would lead to a reduction in treatment expenses. The doctors say that one in three individuals will be burdened with cancer in their lifetime, but out-of-pocket drug costs could easily exceed the average household income of an insured patient. A petition calls for a reduction in drug costs, particularly for cancer patients.

Why The Iran Deal Makes Sense. On Oct. 2, 2002, President George W. Bush asked and received authorization from Congress to go to war with Iraq. Just one month before, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Congress saying, "If you take out Saddam, Saddam's regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations in the region." Nothing could have been further from the truth. Read more at


Share Thoughts and Opinions on FEEDBACK:

Dear Senator Stabenow, I am profoundly disappointed that you support an agreement which is UN AMERICAN. First, US should have demanded Iran negotiating with Israel. A deal between Iran and Israel would have obviated the whole "deal" with Iran. Second, you naively believe that Iran will exercise the reduction of its nuclear capabilities that you described. You are not familiar with Iranian bazaar trading: "agree and do what you wanted and planed", especially without viable reliable supervision. Third and most important, US president went to the UN security council bypassing congress, bypassing you, to create a new executive branch of the USA, the UN security council. I can forgive the "deal", but I cannot agree as a Democrat and American that you sacrifice our Constitution for political gains. Respectfully Isaac Barr MD Bloomfield Michigan. See Statement from Senator Stabenow on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump's Campaign of Terror. His rhetoric is so inflammatory that the fringe are being motivated to commit hate crimes. 2 men beat up a homeless Hispanic screaming they want to take their country back. I think it's time to take Trump seriously. This will make the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center even more difficult. Linda Samelson.
I am saddened, but not surprised. He revealed his true self over the President's birthplace. Just because the Klan cannot parade in masks doesn't mean that they've altered feelings and ideas. If he does get the nomination, it will bring out the same supporting folks who elected the President in 2008, so we'll win again. Jeanne Korsch. See donald_trumps_campaign_of_terror

I, along with Jill Farber-Bramson and Patty Campbell, were invited as guests to speak at Senator Stabenow's office. Although we didn't meet with her, we spoke to her staffers, one from here and the other was her foreign policy advisor. We were made aware of the urgency of getting our senators on board. If anyone can contact Senator Peters and Senator Stabenow, along with Rep. Brenda Lawrence, that would be very helpful. (I understand that Gary is leaning against this.)They will be making an announcement within a few weeks. It is particularly important that the Jewish community supports this since there has been a strong pushback from AIPAC and other Jewish organizations urging a no vote. I wish you all could have been there to hear Professor Saheed Kahn (Middle Eastern history) and Professor Prosad Venugopal, (nuclear physicist) lay out their case for why this deal is so crucial. They are brilliant and conveyed the reasons why they are supporting the deal. It's hard to believe that anyone who listened to them would not be persuaded. (They are both happy to be invited as speakers). We need to get to 34 senators. You can check The Hill daily for updates.Read Linda Samelson

Here's an excellent article by Jack Lessenberry focusing on the most recent attempts to swift- boat Planned Parenthood: Mitch McConnell has fast-tracked legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. This bill could be voted on as early as Monday. Please make these important calls to let your/our elected officials know we strongly support Planned Parenthood! Debbie Stabenow 202-224-4822 Gary Peters 202-224-6221 Brenda Lawrence (Rep. for the 14th District) 202-225-5802 Jill Farber-Bramson

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Wednesday September 16, 2015

Oakland County Young Dems picnic
August 28, 2015

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